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Some users have been very generous in sharing their benefit with others, and have permitted us to use their photographs and/or information about their symptoms in anonymized fashion.

pterygium (6 weeks) Female,
completed treatment
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Published in Case Rep Ophthalmol. 2014 Mar 25;5(1):98-103

pterygium (20 years) Female,
latest update 10-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P2 Day1 P2 Day208
P2 Chart
pterygium (6 years) Male,
latest update Day 249 on drops (29-Sep-15), continuing treatment
P3 Day1 P3 Day249
P3 Chart
conjunctival melanocytic nevus (6+ Years) Male,
latest update Day 258 on drops (23-Oct-15), continuing treatment
O1 Pre O1 Day258
Pterygium (1.5 years) Male,
latest update 6-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P14 Day0 P14 Day281
P14 Chart
Pterygium (2 years) Male,
latest update 18-Oct-15, continuing treatment
P6 Chart
Pterygium (1+ Year) Male,
latest update 05-Nov-15, continuing treatment
P8 Chart
MGD, Blepharitis, Rebound Redness (2 years) Female,
latest update 19-Nov-15, continuing treatment
D1 Chart
Dry Eye, Blepharitis, Rebound Redness (10+ years) Male,
latest update 21-Oct-15, continuing treatment
D2 Chart
MGD, Blepharitis, Dry Eye (1 year) Female,
latest update 19-Aug-15, continuing treatment
D7 Chart
Pterygium (1.5 years) Female,
latest update 24-Jun-15
P12 Chart
Pterygium (5 years) Female,
latest update 22-Nov-15, continuing treatment
P19 Chart
Pterygium, Hyperemia, Dry Eye, Conjunctivitis (15+ years) Male,
latest update 21-Jun-15
P16 Chart
Pterygium Female,
latest update 13-Mar-15
P5 Chart
Pterygium, Pinguecula (8+ years) Female,
latest update 13-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P20 Pre P20 Day165
P20 Chart
Pterygium (2 years) Female,
latest update 10-Sep-15, continuing treatment
P22 Chart
Pterygium (6 years) Female,
latest update 18-Oct-15, continuing treatment
P23 Chart
Pterygium (7 years) Male,
latest update 12-Oct-15, continuing treatment
P24 Chart
Pterygium (1 year) Female,
latest update 13-Oct-15, continuing treatment
P25 Chart
pterygium (3 years) Male,
latest update 17-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P26 Pre P26 Day83
P26 Chart
Dry Eye, MGD, Prominent Vessels (6 Years) Female,
latest update 06-Dec-15, continuing treatment
D11 Chart
Pterygium (20 Years) Female,
latest update 30-Nov-15, continuing treatment
P27 Chart
Pterygium, Pinguecula, Blepharitis (2 Years) Female,
latest update 3 Dec 15, continuing treatment
P28 Chart
Pterygium, Pinguecula (10 Years) Female,
latest update 7-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P29 Chart
Pterygium (3 Months post-surgical recurrence) Male,
latest update 22-Dec-15, continuing treatment
P30 Pre P30 Day35
P30 Chart

User Feedback

E.W. - California, USA
"I can see it [pterygium] shrinking slowly and lately seems to be thinning."
Day 85
K.B. - California, USA
"…I have had a huge improvement, my eyes feel much better now."
Day 132
N.M. - California, USA
Pinguecula, dry eye, redness
"Redness greatly improved. Dry eye vastly improved. My pingueculas seem to have gotten smaller, and rarely inflamed anymore. Overall my eyes feel much better."
Day 125
K.S. - England, UK
"My pinguecula has appeared to improve slowly...seems smaller. I will continue to use them [the drops] because I have seen some improvement."
Day 42
E.C. - Saskatchewan, Canada
"The eye drops are definitely helping and are preventing my eye problems from getting worse. There is less burning/itching/redness in my eyes at the end of the day."
Day 89
"…before I started using the drops - after being outside in the sun all day I would come in at the end of the day and would be using ointment/eye drops /cold compresses to just get some relief as my eyes were burning/itching so much. I am no longer searching for that relief as the eye drops have helped with that a great deal."
Day 90
I.E. - New York, USA
Dry Eye, Pinguecula
"Less dryness throughout the day and I no longer have the gritty, stuck together eyelids feeling in the morning."
Day 38