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This site is sponsored by the MedInsight Research Institute – a not-for-profit organization. MedInsight's goal is to publicize discoveries of new uses for old drugs, thereby providing benefit to people with unanswered medical needs. Whether dealing with chronic diseases or cancer, MedInsight has impacted the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients worldwide, though the websites it has launched and through the reviews it has published for doctors and patients.

MedInsight's focus is on areas not served by the pharmaceutical industry – due to lack of financial incentive. MedInsight's focus is on the patient's benefit and we rely on the generosity of patients, their families and charitable individuals to sustain this vital work for the benefit of humanity.

Please partner with us to help advance relief and cures for patients worldwide. Every dollar you can donate can make a difference. Please follow this link to donate and join us in our life-changing work …

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